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Solar Panels – Types, Technology and Function

Solar energy is picking up fast as a preferred source of renewable energy for powering offices and residences, thus helping in preserving nature and reducing carbon footprints. Unlike water and air that are getting polluted or scarce (in some regions), solar energy from the sun is available in abundance. The sun rays...
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Listening to Our Future Leaders

On October 21st, Canadians head to school auditoriums across the country to tick their choices in the ballot box. Most kids in those schools will stay in class, waiting for their turn. Over the past months, they may have watched the news with mom and dad. They’ve seen rainforests burn in Brazil...
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Refugee Education Crisis – Sad but True!

Not everyone can accept new people and give them everything to settle or restart their new life. With that thought in mind, I do wonder about the countries that accept refugees from all over the world.  Going by the statistics of the UN’s refugee agency – UNHCR, Canada resettled the largest number...
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Made to Last

Last month, I adopted a new puppy. He’s a four-month old Bernedoodle named Bentley. More Berner than Poodle, Bentley still has all the spunk of a mischievous Poodle pup. When he’s not cuddling, eating or sleeping, my little pooch prioritizes play. But since he has no puppy pals to play with at...
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Give your baby the gentle wash and soft locks

When a baby is born, there are all sorts of apprehensions about how to hold the baby, how to feed the baby and what products to safely use on baby. Well, holding and feeding the baby is something that you learn quickly but buying the right products remains a research for a...
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