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AQUAPONICS – A Green Approach to Farming

The advent of the green revolution has seen an increase in various new technologies that are efficient, productive and most importantly, eco-friendly. Aquaponics is one such technology that combines aquaculture (growing aquatic life) and hydroponics (farming without soil). Traditional farming methods are costly, time-consuming and are spread out across a vast area...
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Winter Happenings in the Greater Toronto Area this Season

It’s November and the weather has been crazy! We’ve experienced record-breaking cold, heavy snowfall and snowstorm all in the span of one week and we’re probably already wondering how insane winter is going to be. Well, cold or not, Toronto is still determined to remember the festive mood and is already in...
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Save Energy This Winter and Reduce Electricity Bills

We often hear people telling us to conserve energy, save energy and you will save some dollars on your electricity bill. Well, that’s true. Winter means the use of more heat, more lights and thus more energy, giving us shocking bills every month. Use the following tips to save energy and money:...
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Giving Tuesday – We Need Your Support!

It is that time of the year again when charities and Not for Profit organizations look for your support and donations. The opening day of the giving season – GivingTuesday is on December 3, 2019. This is the time when charities, companies and individuals come together and rally for their missions. We...
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Hydroponics – Easy solution for soil-less agriculture

Hydroponics As the name suggests, has more to do with water than with anything else. Hydroponics consists of two words – Hydro, meaning water and ponics, meaning work. It is a form of agriculture that deals with plants growing in the water rather than soil, thus eliminating the need of land space....
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