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Situé à Port Loko:

Future Hope Salone (FHSL) was founded on September 15th, 2011. The goal of the organization is to make the dreams of vulnerable children real, their stories were touching images some of them had to trek to school because their parents cannot afford to provide them with square meals and not to talk of providing transport fare to and from school. Some of these children are been subjected to sexual abuse and even to marry men who they can even called their father others are being forced to go through female genital mutilation FGM/C. Or can not continue to go to school because of poor parental background or been orphans.

Le fondateur de l'organisation a commencé à plaider en faveur de ces enfants afin de les envoyer à l'école et d'apporter un soutien aux orphelins. Ce cours d'effort est un grand mouvement de préoccupation pour ses amis et d'autres humanitaires qui cause la formation de l'organisation en Sierra Leone.


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